Nat Coco Product

Nat coco Premium Gift set 2019

        Nat COCO product was researched and developed to reply to the customer who craving for the simplicity but outstanding and efficient products.

        From the selected organic coconut, our local treasury agricultural product, which is processed into cold-extracted coconut oil. The cold-extracted coconut oil is not destabilized by heat so it contains enormous concentration of antioxidants and Tocotrienol. Trocotrienol is one form of vitamin E that is 40-60 times more potent than Tocopherol in normal vitamin E.

        Coconut oil is the only vegetable oil that contains high concentration of Lauric acid that help in elimination of virus, bacteria and fungus and promote body immunization. Lauric acid also has benefit in cosmetics thus it is utilized in numerous dermatologic and hair care products. Coconut oil also helps moisturize the skin, prevent some dermatologic disease, promote wound healing, anti-dandruff and enhance shiny and healthier hair.

        From various distinguished characteristic of cold-extract coconut oil is our inspiration to develop our products which bring you the exceptional Nat COCO.