Nat COCO product was established in 2017 with our passion in daily health care by organic materials without chemical substances. We create our products with expertize. Collecting healthy organic material from reduced chemical coconut, our valuable agricultural product, combined with the art and science of rejuvenation from Indian’s well known Ayurrveda. Ayurrveda is the science of disease prevention, mental equilibrium, healthy and natural happiness that make perfection in life and mind

          Nat COCO team consists of food-science, pharmacist, academic, marketing and production expert from Foodtechnofocus company limited with skillful consultant in development, packaging, production and distribution of consuming product. We also master in systematic production management and quality control such as GMP/HACP, BRC. Our company is registered at Thai Information Center, which is under Thailand’s Ministry of Finance.

         The quality control of our products is the utmost focusing issue by our company’s philosophy.